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Have a Broken Wine Cooler? Try These Tips.

Broken Wine Cooler? Try These Tips.


It’s important to keep your valuable wine collection at the correct temperature and under the right conditions. You probably bought a wine cooler to ensure that your bottles would remain at a steady, cool temperature, out of the light, and positioned horizontally. This type of care helps to protect wine from damage and keeps it ready for the moment when you decide to open and enjoy it.


When your wine cooler goes down it’s not a cause for panic, but you will want to resolve the problem as soon as you can. Here are a few tips that can help to get your cooler up and running:

  • Check electricity source and plugs. This sounds ridiculous, but many appliance repair calls end up with a technician simply connecting the appliance to an electricity source. Sometimes a cord becomes disconnected by being tripped over or pulled too far. Sometimes a breaker has flipped or a fuse has burnt out.
  • Check switches. Likewise, make sure that all switches are on. There may be more than one switch involved. Check the manufacturer’s manual if you are unsure.
  • Check positioning. A wine cooler will need enough space to allow it to vent properly. This usually means leaving about six inches of space behind the appliance and on either side. It should also be set on a level surface.
  • Keep away from heat. Your wine cooler won’t work properly if it’s too close to a heat source like a radiator, oven, or stove. It should also be kept out of the sunlight.
  • Make sure the seal is tight. Opening and closing the door of the cooler frequently or opening it for lengthy periods can cause problems. If there’s a leak in the rubber seal, you may get condensation or even pools of water inside the cooler. Check for air leaks.

Time for the Experts


If none of the above easy fixes resolves your cooler’s problems, it may be time to call a repair professional. Look for a company that offers same-day service. Although it won’t harm your wine to go for a few hours without being cooled, you don’t want the situation to continue for too long.


The GTA has several excellent repair companies. Do a web search to find one that services your area and that offers a great warranty on labour and parts. Industry standard is 30 days on labour and 90 days on parts, but a superior company will offer a longer warranty.


Also, find a company that has a track record for excellent service, and one that features a larger staff. This will help to ensure that the repair will happen efficiently and promptly.


Finally, hire a company that makes courtesy a priority. When repair personnel come into your house, they should respect your home and your family. Repair technicians should cover their shoes, be friendly and polite, and tidy the work area before leaving.


Take care of your fine wines. Troubleshoot your broken wine cooler problems or get the expert help you need and stay cool.

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